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Breeze bio

Post  Breeze on Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:39 pm

Name: Breeze
Full Name: Breeze who walks with stars.
Name meaning:
B is for Bubbly, R is for Radiant, E is for Energetic, E is for Elitist, Z is for Zealous, E is for Earthy.

Gender: Female
Age: 4 years old.
Mate: Splash
Pups: None
Breed: Gray wolf

Running speed: 100 mph
Place of birth: YellowStone Natonal Park

Description: Breeze is a black with a gray under belly. Although her secondary pelt color changes when her tember changes. Breeze has lime green eyes, with a green marking under her eye. She also has one scar on her muzzle and one on her ear.

Personality: Her personality is rather sweet like a dog kind of. But when treatened she’s very aggressive and will kill the animal that is treating her. Proud she is and will take charge if its needed or if she wants. But Breeze knows her place within a pack and will guard it with her life.

History: She was born in YellowStone Natonal Park, her mother was Inkfeather a inkey blue she wolf, and her father was Jay a dark gray wolf. Two years later a fire swep through YellowStone distroying very thing in its path. Her hole pack died within the fire and she was only living pack member.

Strengths: Running, fighting, hunting, tracking.

Weaknesses: To see her pack mates dieing in front of her eyes.

Friends and foes: Blitz, ect.

Theme songs: Change the World

Images: None at the moment.

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