i heart Mcmillan: a poem (not by me!)

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i heart Mcmillan: a poem (not by me!)

Post  Duskfang on Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:33 pm

this was just so awesome I had to post it here.

Those times you spoke were like a dream
Sean Connery and Trainspotting altogether it seemed
Dressed in our ghillie suits and crawling through marsh
You stayed calm under pressure, no matter how harsh
You loved the wild dogs. Oh how you loved them.
“Oi, Suzy” you muttered as you stealth-killed the guard
And entrusted to me a task: the hardest of hard
Variable humidity and wind speed you reminded me not to neglect
As well as taking into account the Coriolis effect
When the chopper crashed and rendered you prone
You covered my back and got on the phone
Backup was coming but it was such a long wait
Camping I was, behind the bumper car gates
As I planted my claymores like a scared little wuss
There you were, shooting, an invincible bush
I salute you Captain MacMillan: the best NPC ever.
By Will Ooijer.

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