Golden Creek Pack Rules

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Golden Creek Pack Rules

Post  Reika on Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:35 am

Golden Creek Pack Rules

1. NO swearing, cussing, fowl mouths or any of that. This is a clean pack so lets keep it that way.

2. Be an active member. Do not just post saying you want to join and never post again.

3. This rule does not exist...

4. No talking about someone behind their backs. If you have a problem with some one come to me first.

5. You are not aloud to fight in this pack I want to keep it clean.

6. If any one does start a fight you can't just say "you die" to the other person, they can't say it you either. In reality you can't die on the game or on here., and if you fight like that on here you are roleplaying.

7. NO roleplaying on this forum, we don't want it locked.

8. Be loyal and active and you can work your way up in the pack.

9. You may not order or tell any one what to do because they have a "lower" rank than you. All ranks are just as important.

10. Respect all members.

11. The Alpha Pair are the only ones that can tell the members what to do, and even then they must be fair and reasonible with their rank.

12. Omegas are new members that have not picked their rank yet, don't laugh or mock them becaue they are omegas because at some point every one might be it at least once.

13. If you become unactive you will be moved down to the rank "Dispersal Wolf" If you see your name there than it means you msut become active with in two weeks of being moved down there. After that if your still not active you will be kicked out.

14. Rule doesn't exist any more....

15. To become a leader of a group (ex. Warriors) you must have 7 gold pieces. To get gold pieces you must be active and loyal to the pack.

16. To become an Alpha you must have at least twelve gold pieces.

17. To become Alpha for a day you must have ten gold pieces.

18. Be a loyal member. You can be in other packs to be in mine but you must stay active on this one to.

19. Follow the Pack Central rules.


21. Read all the rules above before joining.

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Re: Golden Creek Pack Rules

Post  Sparrow on Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:02 pm

Thanks for posting this on here Reika! Wink

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